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Gift Wrapping Parties

What better way to impress your family and friends than to present your gifts with a professional finishing touch.  Forget the bottle bags, stick on bows and reels of sellotape.  Whether at home, workplace or community centre, a couple of hours with family and friends (and light refreshments) could give you a skill for life. 

Details - 2hr gift wrapping party for just £5 per person (£2 of which is donated to the host's chosen charity) and includes a raffle ticket to a prize draw.  I will demonstrate bottle wrapping, box wrapping, a ribbon rose, how to make the perfect simple bow and how to wrap awkward shaped gifts.  This will be an interactive session and so be ready to have a go as one person will be selected to learn each technique.

Interested? - if you can get a minimum of 10 of your family, friends or work colleagues together drop me a line at: or Tel: 07434 910935